Read what people are saying about Scoogie Events!

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“Ran my first Scoogie Event on thanksgiving and it was one of the most organized events I have been to."

Everything from registration to the day of event was well organized, relaxed and “friendly”. Also- post race refreshments and atmosphere were awesome!

One thing that will keep me coming back is being able to run with my stroller! It is hard to find events stroller (and dog) friendly and would absolutely sign up for a race given that I can run with my “running buddies.
— CT, Doylestown

My husband and I love your events for a variety of reasons – they are well run and staffed, some start in the afternoon on Saturdays (a HUGE draw as we aren’t morning people and are active in church on Sunday mornings), and they are really supportive, fun events.

As a back of the pack runner (i think last shamrock run i was third from the last to finish) I never feel like the party is over when I cross the finish line. Also love that you alway have a photographer- this is also a huge bonus.
— CL, New Hope
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"Your races are always a friendly atmosphere!”

I’ve run the Halloween race several times and must say that I’m impressed by the clear directions, The reminders for the slower runners line up towards the back (pet peeve when they start in the front! !😝), the volunteers on the course yelling for you like you’re the fastest runner they’ve ever seen, and the prizes are off the charts! I enjoy that even if you’re not the fastest runner and don’t get an award, you might win a raffle (ps, love the Life is Good store!)

I made a mental note last Fall to also bring my niece to one of your events for the kids fun run. I was really impressed with how encouraging the race director was with the kids and explained how it’s not always about winning. To try your best. In other races, it’s just line the kids up and go. I do like having the chance to to see the kids race before my race because I’m too tired afterwards to pay attention. I loved having the chance to cheer them on and get rid of my pre race nerves!
— Anonymous

"Keep up the great work--runs are well organized, fun, and festive!"

My 13-year-old daughter loves your events, and I have enjoyed participating in them with her (as a non-runner). The atmosphere is always festive, and she especially likes visiting the various vendors prior the races.

We’ve had fun at the pumpkin run and the spring run at Joseph Ambler Inn. Other runs have conflicted with various other commitments. Our one suggestion is to keep long-sleeved shirts for participants for the pumpkin run!
— A & N C

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My family and I are excited. Last year was the first year we participated in your events, did 3 of them, and I was impressed with how smoothly they were run!

Thanks again for organizing these races.. it’s great for our community!

"Your enthusiasm is contagious, and it is a delight to see so many people finish races."

Thank you VERY MUCH for investing so much time, effort, and creativity into the races. I enjoy them immensely. The races are family friendly, and there is something for everyone - regardless of their skill/talent level. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and it is a delight to see so many people finish races - accomplishing the most important goal.

I am a very late bloomer. While I ran track in high school, I never won a race; I never came in second, and only once did I come in third. I think I ran six of your races in 2016 (and two in 2015) and was able to place in the top three for my age group fairly regularly. This has done wonders for my self confidence - not just in terms of running but in life in general. THANK YOU.

Please keep up the fantastic work.
— TM